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Eyes and beyond

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    Film Influence

    Yesterday , I had the chance to watch Raging Bull . Martin Scorsese is just brilliant . One of the long shots he takes when Jake walks into the ring is just top notch. Let’s not talk about Robert De Niro . So today morning I just pulled a friend who boxes and we did this small fun shoot.  Kind of inspired by film and the lighting . It’s just a look into a person.


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    Experiment Film vs Digital

    Finally I had the chance to process and scan ( low res) film from a pentax 67 . The color is shot on portra 160nc and the B+W on Expired Tmax 400. I was trying to experiment to see if i can move to film and still achieve the quality digital offers us now .

    Pentax 67 (T-max 400 ) vs 1dmark III

    Pentax 67 (Portra 160) vs 1d mark III

    Pentax 67 ( Expired Tmax 400 ) vs 1d mark III

    I kind of dig the contrast tmax produces in window light situation. Should be interesting to see what drum scan produces and how much retouching is possible in real time situation .

    Meanwhile thoughts are welcome.


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    I’m Stupid

    I’m Stupid because I didn’t write this earlier. 

    I’m Stupid because I think I’m good at photography

    I’m Stupid because I have friends who like and comment every picture I upload.

    I’m Stupid because I took photography because I failed in Engineering.

    I’m Stupid because I have a DSLR and thinking about latest and most expensive DSLR.

    I’m Stupid because I upload pictures hoping I get good response .

    I’m Stupid because I have a guy who commented my picture is not good.

    I’m Stupid because I ask my Parents for lots of money to buy stuff that I don’t know how to use.

    I’m Stupid because I plan to become best photographer over night.

    I’m Stupid because I think everything the Internet says is true.

    I’m Stupid because more so because everyone around me says I’m awesome at my skills

    I’m Stupid because I think everything else I don’t find interesting is over rated.

    I’m Stupid because I think some guy in another continent became successful and i’m just 2 steps away.

    I’m Stupid because I won  a photography competition

    I’m Stupid because I teach photography 

    I’m Stupid because I believe all these fancy photographers are all photoshop masters .

    I’m Stupid because I get jealous when I see another photographer has more likes than me .

    I’m Stupid because a girl I like thinks another photographer is awesome.

    I’m Stupid because I dream of becoming the best photographer in the world.

    I’m Stupid because I became a fashion photographer shooting couple of my friends in good dresses.

    I’m Stupid because I think I’m better because I started photography early.

    I’m Stupid because I think I will become better photographer because I go to photography School.

    I’m Stupid because I read this and think about a photographer to whom this applies. 


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    Just while I was writing this note down , I happened to have an interesting discussion. It stuck me that most of us , when looking for rational criticism are more considered about the source of criticism instead of the reasoning behind the crit. How often do we get frustrated when we don’t get to hear what we don’t want to hear. 

    Thus contradicting the rationality in the first place , this is one of the most common problems I see in the east ( me not being an exception ) . It’s funny when you think about rationality in the discussion , and figure out the argument you were putting . 

    I also noticed the increase of people responding to a problem in system after a constructive criticism . First when we put our art in a public domain , it’s no longer in your control to personalize.  So the argument we start complaining about the imperfections in the process of making art is so absurd . Neither anyone forced us nor begged us to put our work in the domain , so the rise of any problem in the making process lies with us . 

    On the other note , I happened to have a good discussion with a close friend about the art in India and what I found out . My point is that , the art making in India has a very less emotional response . The reason being stereotyped at what we percieve. Coming to the roots , I felt it’s because of our belief that the system is more than an individual , which is actually made out of these individuals. I wouldn’t talk about the honesty of art making , because its something which doesn’t matter for me at least .

    Frankly , in my life time , there were very few times , I was spell bound by an artist . But that periodicity increased at my school . It’s amusing how people try to represent there experiences and still be able to have a major public response to something very personal .

    We have produced great art in the past  , no denying it at the same time we can’t stop noticing the quality of art and the influence behind that art being repetitive and  non-unique. 

    Finally , it’s been a crazy semester so far . Can’t believe I’m trying to pull three shoots a week . I don’t wanna complain as I secretly enjoy these challenges. 

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    Sudo Death

     Last week , for my assignment I had to do a  comparison on different objects and find the similarities, I happened to choose women and moon.

    • Both are Beautiful .
    • They have inspired artists for centuries
    • From far we don’t notice the black spots
    • Both are imperfect . 
    • Both have periods .
    • Both have beauty which is not permanent .
    • Both of them excite werewolves .
    • Both are expensive to own
    • Both have started wars .
    • Eclipse and women in Saudi

    So Coming to last similarity , I feel that during an eclipse , we have another object shadowing the moon , often keeping it in dark , something I call sudo death. 

    The sudo death, most of the women face from the men shadowing their individuality. 


    This year has been amazing so far . After meeting and working with some incredible photographer , work flow has improved. It’s more about personalizing and conceptualizing each image . Often spending days to visualize and produce the image.  Something which I didn’t understand over the last few years. 


    — 2 years ago
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    Process of Learning

    As my semester is coming to an end , and just one more week for my final , I was left pondering , is this different . When I meant different , I was referring to those innumerable finals I went through all my life. From literally Kindergarden to UG, It was almost same . Get your syllabus book , get the texts and do the last minute mugups and write . 

    Today I was sitting , and realized , what did I learn . Is there a difference between art education and science education . Can I still get off with the way I was . 

    Popularly known as Nightouts , which always saved us , It’s not the same with art . The oher day talking to my professor about trying to figure out ways to achieve a particular look , I realized, while the photographer took 5 years to go through the process to achieve , here I am trying to achieve it in first semester . Isn’t it Over Ambitious ? 

    Yes, that’s one of the problem I always had along with others of people in the south . We get so over ambitious , that we end up missing the nuance of learning . The simplicity is over seen , and this is way predominant in the art world. 

    When I first took fashion for my language of photography final , I was sure , it’s an interesting process to get understand it and work . I was partially successful until , I got carried away and got commerical . It wasn’t till the Critique time , I realized the mistake I made . The mistake which costed me all my life . 

    Right now sitting alone , pondering upon the simplicity of art ,  I learn’t a very important lesson. For a lot major of us , whose Intellectual levels are high and unstable , we often get over ambitious . How many of us , have been in a position , when we were often seen as the most intelligent person in the peer , though we often screw up in the quantitative results . 

    The lesson is relax, being over ambitious is as dangerous as a fast paced death . 


    — 2 years ago
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Atelier VersaceVogue Italia, March 1993Photographer: Steven MeiselModel: Kristen McMenamy 

Steven miesel :)


    Atelier Versace
    Vogue Italia, March 1993
    Photographer: Steven Meisel
    Model: Kristen McMenamy 

    Steven miesel :)

    (via monk3y)

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